i hold out my palms to you
will you join this healing circle with me.

we will plant our feet into the earth
and breathe deeply of the air that dreams of herbs
we will lie in the grass
drenched in the moonlight
watching angel clouds in the sky illuminate and transform.

offer into the circle your love and light
as clear and pure as a sparkling piece
of rose quartz
swirling in your palm

into the circle speak the names of those we wish to send healing, love and light too
the wind whispers around us
holding our wishes safe in it

around the circle, through our palms
we feel the energy rise and swell
like a wash of ocean
come to swill around our ankles
clear our energies
leave salt in our hair

the energy spills around us
and together we raise our palms to the sky

rainbows of light flood from our hands
being sent into a heavenly sky
and spun in the four directions
like the cosmic spider pulling magickal silk from inside her
connecting this world in a web of light
reaching every soul who wishes to feel this energy
every soul we have whispered the names of.

the names i wish to speak into our healing circle:

donna and marie.
mother and daughter, you birthed each other from your wombs and from your souls. you are light bringers, you are earth angels. you journey together between worlds, as you heal and feel pain, loss, transformation, and the potent power of love. god bless you both, i send you so much love and light for this time in your lives, and for all time.
marie, i wish you peace, comfort and healing.
donna, i wish you possums, trees, my phone number and the moon.

will you join me in this circle?
i believe you are already here.
i dreamt of you all out there,
toes in the grass.
my hems waft in the lavendar
as we dance in our healing circle.
speak the words you wish to speak
the souls you wish to send healing light to.

you are invited to be in this circle,
this healing in the four directions.

we are always in sacred space.

love and light,