Oh wow…

I just signed up for Notes from the Universe from tut.com… and received this this morning… I was just thinking about the synchronicity of it all.

I feel my inner core opening so much at the moment.

It is is scary but so so warming and lovely and beautiful

” Sure, Leonie, I used to believe in accidents, coincidences, and chance… Until one memorable day, when I stared out at the world from your very eyes, listened to it, with your very ears, felt it, with your very heart, all while thinking your own thoughts, and all at once I realized: You had become everything I’d ever dreamed you’d be, so very long ago.

Nice going, The Universe ”

And I am… I am becoming what I wanted to be, how I wanted to see myself. Surrounding myself with love and likeminded people.

My dear friend Emelisa emailed me this morning ~ speaking about how scary it can be to open your heart – not just to another person, but to the world and to yourself:

“I dont like this fear, I get scared because I have opened my heart more than anything

But I also know my open heart is for me and I dont choose to ever shut it down again from fear

But I am learning, to love myself still in these areas”

Being touched with everyday extraordinary interactions with others on the same path.

This last month I have reconnected with amazing and beautiful people from my past who have helped me see new sides of myself.

And whole worlds in me have been opened by new friends who just pop up one day and it’s like they’ve always been there ~ like Emelisa.

We’re all here, supporting each other’s journeys and learning and loving together.

It’s an extraordinary thing isn’t it?

Wow wow wow

I am so thankful I am documenting all of this

What a wonderous month this has been for me

I finally get what this whole MOON thing is about too…

It started with a new blue moon, and it’s been absolutely magical.

Opening my heart, no matter how scary!

And keeping it open… that can be the challenge!

Dearhearts, thank you for accompanying me and holding my hand in this journey.

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