May it be good.

May it be kind.

May it be blessed.

May light shine through us, pour out our hands into the world.

May those kernels, those seeds of dreams inside us take root and grow strong.

May we nurture them. May we whisper to them as mother birds, tending to them in their nest, believing in them before they can. May we give them wings and trust that this is what we were born to do.

May we give up on fear. May we lay down procrastination. May we drop all those million and one ways we resist our truth, our light, our magnificence, our dream, our potential.

May we just embrace who we are instead. Believe that we were born to be exactly who we are. Know we are destined for big and profound things.

And that the only way to get there is to align our actions with our intentions.

Everyday, may we turn up and do the work:

Do the work of tending to our own spirits. Of being our own best friends. Of healing what must be healed.

Of digging deep and pushing through the pressure, the walls, the thick weight of inertia,

and into that place where we belong, where we must reside:

in the place of creating. Of sharing what we know. Of doing what we were born to do.

Of having deep faith in our vision, of sacred love for our dreams.

It is there we become monks, nuns, priestesses:

peaceful, powerful, profound.

May we know that even when it is hard,

healing is possible.

May we know that even when we believe we are alone,

we are surrounded by a hundred thousand angels, too many to number, all singing your name, wishing blessings over your body.

May we know that we are enough. That we’ve always been enough. That we always will be enough.

May we know that the truth lights up every cell in our body. And when it does not, it is not the truth.

May we know that we are conscious creators. Powerful women, capable of crafting our own shining destiny.

May we know that we truly CAN do anything. That we can make our sacred, holy mark on the world in the most tender and loving of ways.

May we become incredible custodians of money. May we channel money energy into the areas that need it: philanthropy, family, financial freedom.

May we know that we are not held back by what we do not know – all that is needed can be learned.

Our past is not our future. It is soft and malleable in our hands.

2013 softly disappears into the night, leaving only memories, lessons and blessings. Spent and fulfilled, it has given us just what we need. Not always what we wanted, but it carved and softened us into something stronger, clearer, even lovelier. We thank it for being.

2014, you are on the cusp of being born. The earth labours to birth you here.

You are tiny and a speck and a newborn.

We wonder what blessings, love, miracles can be created and discovered inside you.

We carry our hopes, our dreams, our wishes into you.

And we promise to do our very best.

Thank you.

I love you with every part of my being,



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