Hola sweethearts,

Have been gathering some good bits of advice from around the interwebs… inspiration for that shining life + biz of yours!

Grab a cuppa chai and settle in!

“The best entrepreneurs believe and act as if everything is a gift…”

  • The International Bank of Bob :: Just finished reading this excellent book. Definitely got me even more inspired to do more philanthropy.
  • Superior Mommy :: cracks me up. Let’s not make judging other mamas a sport… there’s way more important things to focus on!
  • Two years on, peeps still FTFO with excitment over My Desktop Productivity Centre. Tis cute. Glad you likey likey so much and find so helpful!
  • I freaking ADORE seeing all the photos of the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year in Life and Business workbook out in the world, brewing magic wherever it goes. Thanks to Nina Winner for this photo of it in the snowy Austrian Alps (!!!!!!!!!!) I’m so eternally grateful for the hugely positive response to these workbooks… I’m so grateful that they are as important and useful to you as they are in my own life and business. These inbetween days of the celebration season are such a good reflecting and dreaming time!
  • I shared about this on my Facebook page recently and lots of mamas were interested in this technique, so I thought I’d share it here.
    My darling Starry has been working through some hard feelings lately. She’s been extra mama-needy, and was finding it difficult for her daddy-o to put her to bed. I had a feeling tonight she was ready for a big emotional offload, so we had a listening session together. I had an intuition to ask her if she was sad that mama has been sick, and this set off lots and lots of tears. I breathed, listened, rubbed her back.
    She kept crying, and we kept talking about her feelings: she’d felt sad and worried when I was in hospital, and she was sad that I was so sick, and that she felt cranky towards her daddy when I was sick. Right at the end of her long crying release, she said “I want Mummy to feel better very very soon.” I hugged her. “I know, darling. I know. Me too.” Then I held her as she went to sleep. She seemed relieved to offload her feelings, and I felt even closer to her.
    I talked to Chris afterwards about it, and he shared he’d had a gut feeling that was what she was working through too. We’ll keep checking in to see if she needs to talk and release anything more about it, or if this has brought her some relief and lightness.
    If you want to know more about listening to your kid’s emotional offloads, I highly recommend reading about “Staylistening” here. It’s definitely a useful parenting tool in my toolbelt!

Happy magic making, dearest soul.

You have big and beautiful work to do on this planet.

Let love, faith and self belief consumer your heart and show the way.

All my love,



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