Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Oh my darlins. I’m *so* excited about sharing with you through this new medium. It feels so much more *tangible* and *real* and *connecting* and *magical*. I am so, so, so glad to have you along on this journey. SO glad.

And so is Charlie. Infact, he’s so excited about being able to connect with SO many goddesses, he needs a nap in our mermaid room.

One of the gorgeous Goddesses asked yesterday if there were prints available on the Creative Goddessa featured in the video. As she’s one of my older paintings, I don’t have plans to make new prints of her, but I looked through my prints collection, and found *one* gloriously big, gorgeously glossy print of her from last year. My sweet Pro-Printer-Man Phil did these up for me, and I heart him. Anyway, so if the Goddessa has called your name and you’d like to claim her as yours – she’s available at my Etsy store. Super limited edition: i.e. ONE. You can see Charlie’s paw scratches on her and everything. Yumm-oh.

Holy vintage goddess print AWESOMENESS Batman! tee hee hee.

UPDATE: Now sold. Thanks gorgeous-hearts! 🙂

I may, or may not be extra excitable this morning. 🙂

For three reasons:
1. I heart you. And I heart me. And I heart the magic we are making here together. And I heart video and new ways of connecting.
2. It’s Christmas Eve over here in delicious Australia.
3. My new website is being designed as we speak… and I’ll be launching in the New Year. SQUEEEEE!

And can I ask a question?
Vimeo or YouTube? I’m trying to decide which one to go with for all my Goddess Leonie videos. Do you prefer using YouTube so you can subscribe and keep all your fave vids in one place? Or you prefer Vimeo’s muchos nicer display? Or you don’t really care either way?

Thank you *soooo* much dearhearts!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts…

and I’ll connect with you v soon with another video later today… for now there is a big cup of tea to have, and a gorgeous Goddess to connect with and do a reading for. 🙂

All my happiest heart space love,

Six weeks of creativity. Connection. Inspiration. Joy.
Start your New Year in the most beautiful way.