Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Okay, I really think now’s a time for a group hug. I’m full with joy at connecting with all of you. I look out my window and there are kids playing across the street on their trampoline. My favourite very-country-workman down the street has got John Lennon Christmas carols on loud, and is singing even louder to them. I’ve been talking to amazing, amazing Goddesses on incredible journeys with Goddess Coaching & Reading sessions. And… I feel like we are making something beautiful here, connecting together, letting the goddesses inside us unfurl and shine our lights into the world. *happy sigh*

All is well. All is really, really well.

So I made you a new video. In this one I share about the Creative Goddess eCourse and Circle which starts January 15, and then we go into the enchanted garden for a visualisation meditation. Deeeevine. The birdsong during the meditation is totally natural, by the way… from the gorgeous birds in the pine!

EnJOY sweet souls!

GoddessLeonie.com Video2: A meditation & an intro from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

I tried hosting with Youtube, but they don’t like bigger videos. I’ll give Youtube a go again soon, but for now Vimeo is working it. Thanks for the feedback possums – I’ll also try and make it so you can hear my dulcet tones louder and clearer. 🙂

Passing the talking stick to you…

As always, the talking stick is ready for you in the comments section… you can share where you’re at, what symbols came up for you in the meditation, questions, or just words. A place to share, and be heard.

It’s Christmas Eve over here in tomorrow-land of Australia. The most beautiful rainy day. My love is due home any moment. There is beauty, and promise, and preciousness in the air.

You are so loved, just as you are.

Start your New Year with joy, creativity, inspiration and connection. The Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle begins January 15. Have you enrolled yet? Gift yourself with the time and place to be the Creative Goddess you *are*.