Hola my darlinghearts!

And ze next projects I’ve been working on in the studio…

The next scrap journal for Ostara! While she was still swimming in my ocean belly, I made a pregnancy journal and filled it with letters and photos to her…

To see how her first scrap journal ended up, check out this cute video.

It was all full up, and I haven’t had a chance to create a new one, so since she was born, I’ve been collecting cards, writings, notices & little treasures like her newborn beanie & hospital bracelet.

Yesterday I grabbed a nice big new ring binder to start making her a new one.

I’ve been pimping it with a cover of yummy patterned papers (I got a big stack of fairytale themed paper from Big W which I use a boatload) and a photo of us.

And I get asked about this a lot… the metallic writing is done using my favourite favourite favourite…

Pebeo 3d paint in gold & silver. It’s the best for writing, adding stars & special details. Scrumptious!

Then inside I popped in all the bits I’ve collected, including her birth notice and cards.

For items I didn’t want to holepunch… I just popped them with stickytape on paper & put into a clear sheet.

I’ll just keep adding to it now, and I’ve enlisted my sweetie to keep an eye out for special things to pop in there.

So that’s what I’ve been creating… creating makes me a happy girl.

I’ve also got my declutter & cottage-transform bug on this week. I really reaallly feel the need to begin the year from a clear, simple place. (Which reminds me, don’t forget that a round of the Creating Your Goddess Haven ecourse begins Jan 15 – join ze Goddess Circle to join in the fun if you like!)

I’ve been setting up cosy places for reading and playing… buying lots of white and aqua cane wicker baskets to store all my art supplies within an arm’s reach & for Ostara’s toys. It feels so dang gooood.

Hope you are having an art*magic kinda week my love!!!

Big love & gratitude,

“It’s so beautiful! This has to be the Goddess MUST HAVE for the New Year….”

“I can’t wait to get started on mine! You help people change their lives.”