Hola gorgeous Goddess,

So I’ve been filling out my own workbook.

And I was thinking that if we all lived in the same small goddess town…

we’d been doing the workbook together, goddess style… hanging out in my backyard, drinking tea, making marshmallow statues to eat, passing around the rainbow babies, circling & dreaming up 2011 together…

How dreamy would that be?

So, next best thing is to do it here in internets world…

Gather some gorgeous goddesses… and let us peer into their 2011 Goddess Workbooks and see what beautiful things they are celebrating about 2010… and what they are dreaming up for 2011.

Time to get inspired!

Meet Nixie.

That’s beautiful her in the photo above.

I took it on a women’s retreat/gathering/love fest that we went to together.

She is just as beautiful in spirit as she is in that photo.

A real life sage, compassionate pixie.

And she emailed me photos of her goddess workbook.

Want to see?

Of course you do.

World, meet Nixie.

Nixie, meet World.

I just know you’ll love each other!

That’s ze cover.

And if you’re wanting to read any of the pages closer up, just click on them for the big version.

Just seeing her blessings of 2010 makes me happy in my heart.

I’m so, so, so glad for her.

I love these words of hers:

There is nothing too BIG, too scary, too hard, too daunting for me to handle, with grace.


That’s powerful medicine right there.

Ahhhh… Permission to Complete.

I hear you, dearest Nixie pixie.

I have a thousand projects that dance about above my head all wanting to be finished, completed, made full.

Completing sounds GOOD.

And I totally totally ADORE peering into other people’s 100 Things to Do list.

It inspires me for mine.

I especially like:

18. Talk to Leonie.

Hopefully she means me. Because that would be AWESOME.

And 5. Make Falafel.

Can I tell you, Nixie Pixie, that I made my first this year, and they are suuuuper delicious?

And that you can buy falafel mixture in a yellow box, and then I add grated up zucchini and carrots and eggs?

And then I just squash them into flat patties and pan fry them?

And they are DELICIOUS?

19. Listen to MORE music.

Start with Sia. Xavier Rudd. Iz. Willie Nelson.

And I get really excited about the making more art, taking more photos & designing cards ones.

I can’t wait to see what Nixie pixie blooms forth.

Also, these are her feet. She likes to be barefoot ALOT. Even in cities, she walks down streets with bare feet. She is one grounded goddess!

Inspired now?


Me too!

Okays, I’m off to bed dearest. One eye is doing a funny drooooopy thing.

But I needed to get my blog on before bed.

And now I have.



Big love!!!