i dig when street art gets all joy*soaked

go on a walk, you scorpian folk ~ as advised by the ideas magician brezsny.
and i RESISTED. let me tell you, i resisted walking.
i wanted to sit in my shell, marinate for a while, until this “stage” passes me by.

but we got home early.
and the light was still golden.
so i donned my walking shoes in the first time for a long time.
i donned my ipod… began with willie nelson, breaking into routine strides…
down the road. out on to the paddock. over the great green oval. sri chinmoy flute music floods my overactive mind into sedation. back into suburbia. past the shops. the woman with tired eyes and two small dogs.
the cherry blossoms are blooming.
it is warm, it is spring burbling from the earth.
around the street, and enter the park i haven’t been to before.
there are two huge concrete turtles, smiling joyfully.
with them is a great mother water energy, so i sit with them.
watch out across the playground, into the mountains where the sun is setting.
then down the stormwater drain, passing the backs of houses as james taylor sings me home.
the trees beckon. i see a miracle – a dozen white turtledoves flitting about, free, in a backyard filled with miniature houses on poles.

and so i walk.

i wonder what miracles i discovered in me as i walked.

ps ~ it is a couple of hours later. i discovered the miracle. i am tee pee woman.