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I was feeling bored, crabby and out of sorts last night, so I did the best thing for me ~ I took myself to my studio, grabbed whatever was closest, and just created. Out came long piece of blue cardboard, paints, petals from a bouquet of flowers… and the offcuts that were on the floor (as inspired by Keri).

I like that each piece has its “story” ~ the cuttings off other drawings, pieces of packages that were in the bin, and even the dried blobs of paint from old palettes. Here was creating with all pressures off. Not caring how imperfect the scraps were, or what it would end up looking like, I was free to be in the moment. It was there, in the moment, that I found a temporary solace from the chattering and obnoxiousness of my mind.

Photoshop filters gave the collage new spins.
Speaking of spinning, Leonie is going to be a cyclist soon!
I have even made a new dance up, to go with Queen’s “Bicycle” and have taken to wearing my new helmet around the house under the guise of “breaking it in” (when really, I do it because I like the feeling).

So in my spouts of obnoxiousness and boredom, there are also spouts of joy and unencumbered childish glee. In my moments of darkness and feeling lost, there are also moments of visions, understanding and enlightenment about where I’m at and why things are so disorientating right now.

{there’s got to be shadows in order to dance in the light}

Queen Space Cadet.