I am SO thrilled to share another scrumptious interview with you all!

I sat down with Cass and Sam on their podcast A Creative Life for a truly amazing episode. And! Cass is in my Uplevel Incubator, so really this was just like chatting with two new besties.

Cass and Sam describe it best:

Leonie shares her journey from working in government to running her multi million dollar business. Over the years she has created 180 e-courses (!!) and continues to launch new ones all the time.

Cass is a long time fan of Leonie and is currently being coached by her and when Sam took a look at her work, we knew we had to get her on the poddie! Both of our ears pricked up when we found one of her recent courses on how to market without social media. Yours too?!

So, in January 2021 Leonie did a 21 day challenge taking a break from social media and she never went back! She saw her brain heal and her life be filled with so much joy and creativity and self confidence.

In this episode Leonie shares a bunch of ways that you can market without social media (too many to list them all here, you’ll have to give it a listen to find out!) and her signature marketing plan method on a white piece of paper.

Click HERE to listen, or you can find the episode anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Love always,