The changes are coming thick and strong lately.
As a Scorpio, with a Scorpio partner, we thrive on changes…
yet the last two months have been such big ones that I wonder at the sudden push from the Universe to become who we need to be.

Two months ago I decided overnight to become vegetarian.
It has been easy enough, apart from the two occasions I have unwittingly eaten ham.
I find myself more conscious of how I choose to nourish myself, as well as changing my eating plans fairly radically. Hello salads, hello hommus, hello antipasto wraps!

Less than a month ago, we turned off our cable and moved our TV out of our living space. No more crap TV. The occasional documentary or video. No more wasting every night taking in the reality of someone else’s world that I didn’t particularly want to be a part of.
More time for reading, creating, connecting, doodling. Falling in love again. (I have a little smile playing on my lips just thinking of him right now.)

And yesterday we decided to start Buy Nothing Weekends. Every second weekend is one of them. No prowling the shopping centres for “entertainment.” I can hold out from the art store. We can make our groceries last – I feel like we are just piling groceries on top of groceries with our weekly shop. *BUY NOTHING WEEKENDS* Just how good does that sound? It sounds back to basics. It sounds like simple abundance. And it sounds like money saved to go towards our dreams.

Changes in our midst, swilling, swirling,
Like buffalos at the backs of our knees, pushing us forward.