breathe ~ geishaman goddess
acrylic, dried rose petals, mixed media on canvas

did you hear it last night?
the unmistakable sound of laughter, reverence, connections, silence?

last night…
in the gloaming loaming of full moon
my women’s circle circled once more…

we shared and we meditated
and we heard the stories of the ancients,
the triple goddess,
and i learned of my chakras and
felt the twisting lily roots of the third eye
twirling majestically in my forehead.

i softly howled at the moon
and juliana said to me:
she who cannot howl cannot find her own tribe.

i wonder if you heard us
speaking of you under the full moon last night
we were standing on the street after
in the darkness, in the luminous glowing of distant streetlight
and a full bellied moon

i said:
i really believe in her you know.
the kernel of the goddess that hears me when I speak.
in you. in every woman.

and so on, and so forth, we spoke of you,
with love and reference and knowing and belief and tender care…

i really believe in each of you.

{P.S. If you’re:
1. In Canberra
2. A woman
3. Interested in joining the women’s circle
email me}