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my studio… how lucky i am to have a studio! the mere thought makes me smile deliciously big, even though it has been months now… may the delight never wear off on me.

after writing yesterday’s post, i loved getting this card in the mail from lovely lisa marie:

Fear less, hope more,
eat less, chew more,
whine less, breathe more,
talk less, say more,
love more, and all
good things
will be yours
~ swedish proverb

i’m feeling gutsy and ballsy and very NORTH today.
i’m saying with passion: you CAN do it. i DIG what you are doing.
i feel deepness in my core when i see others walking their talk.
and that’s all i really want to say about that. just that:

surf delights:
:: my gorgeous friend emelisa is running her creative workshops in the hinterland of brisbane… if you’re up that way, check it out! she is a beautiful soul indeedy, with a heart soaked message to share
:: an earthy and groovy magazine for 8-12 year olds
:: the awesome art of sand fantasy
:: loving ali edwards‘ new blog design
:: watercolour journalling is yummy!
:: the writing of james
:: collage art – drink it up 🙂