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goddess statue with strawberry leaves

from a letter written today…

i’ve noticed that there seems to be a real feel of manifestion energy in the air the last couple of weeks… i see others around me taking remarkable leaps of faith {as am i}, and opening up to the abundant opportunities. connections seems to be a big one too lately… i see how interweaved life is.

my friend debRA said to me yesterday:
everyday now, i’ve been walking through cobwebs. five or six a day. they keep telling me: weave the web, there are many connections to be made.

so like spiders spinning silk, we weave and connect, and we find all parts of ourselves in the cosmic cobweb that is our life. even the bits that got torn away in the wind, the leaves that got stuck to us… this is us, the shimmering mirage that is at once the most mystical and real thing that has ever happened to us.

i just met a lady in the corridor at work… in these sometimes dry corridors of public service life, there are oasi of joy and conscious living. this lady is one of those ~ small and fairy like, with blue eyes. she is one weekend away from becoming a full yoga instructor. we spoke about tipis and dreaming and art and her purple yoga studio. all these shimmering webs woven between our hearts. she said ~ i think this year is going to be big. last year was more turmoil, but this one is about abundance.
i replied from somewhere above me ~ it’s the lotus growing from the mud.

i feel really SEEN right now,
like there are buffalos behind my knees pushing me forward,
and i find myself in the bright light of day,
looking around, seeing all my dreams manifest.

don’t wonder HOW. just dream what you want to dream. believe in it.

from a sticker at debra’s desk this morning:


now, if you’ll excuse me,
i’m off to go chase some dreams.