So much good shit to share with you at the moment, I love it!

Veronica Lee Drayton from All of the Things podcast interviewed me and we had an absolute blast!

Here’s everything we covered, straight from Veronica:

We talk about all of the things, staying connected and actually deepening relationships off of social media, how to stay informed and on the pulse of activism that seems to live through social media (spoiler – it doesn’t), staying inspired, the personal creative benefits of stepping back from socials and then a explore into the business side, marketing and running a business without social media and why it’s actually a very ineffective and often costly practice to rely on SM for your biz.

Also lots of weird fangirling from my side and inside jokes between me and myself in relation to my adoration for this wonderful human.

Ready to listen?

Just click HERE and maybe while you’re at it, grab a cuppa and make yourself cozy.

This one’s a good’un!

Big love!