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and when you are feeling tired and worn,
a little bit confused as to where this is all going,
wondering when this valley of the wave will turn into a new lift,

i send you

… a new tranquil blue bedroom with wide open windows, where each night you wake up because of moonbeams and insights;
… baby rainbow cinos with hundreds and thousands and marshmallows;
… knowing that the steps are leading into a better way of being;
… the scent of herbs on your hands as you make your first smudge sticks;
… a friend who asks the whys and hows directly, unflinchingly, kindly;
… the miracle of witnessing dear friends flourish in their own growing magnificence {i see you j & d}
… the sweetness of curling up in bed with stars and crickets and a book.
… the perfect juicy plum.

someone sent me these.
thank you

i send the love and gentleness back into the world,
to fall into the hands of who needs them right now.

other things that delight me right now ~

* the belief~inspiring story of the “buddha boy
check out the beautiful gallery of photos {the link to it is on the
right of the article, called “Months of Meditation” ~ they constitute reason #188 why i want to go to tibet…

* the discussions of fear at pink coyote‘s place is enthralling, honouring and awakening.

* the poetry of purity by stefanie renee
thank you for sharing how to see things – not as shameful or too dreamy or mundane or ridiculous, but as all pure and sublime…