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my artist muse painting…
she comforts me and incites me into the WILD living.

all in a lunch hour today…

the first meditation group at work.
she leads us, and we plummet into deepness, gentleness,
the beauty of the dark.
she reads outloud a story of avalon.
i am there, breath by breath in, breath by breath out,
deeper into the story, deeper into the moment.

i fall into visions.
i look down and see a baby clasped at my breast.
by the time she calls us back into the room,
i am soaring as an eagle in the grand canyon.
it is hard to come back after twenty minutes
of the peaceful dark behind my eyelids,
and the sight that lies there.

then outside, we sat in the wind,
and we talked.
t a l k e d.
we shared about the hard bits, the empty bits, the uncomfortable bits ~
the scared, the sad, the guilt, the lost, the knowing and the unknowing.
all these bits, me and my dear friend spoke outloud to each other,
and the wind took them away,
like grit and sand being sifted from a green glass bottle.

that was all we needed,
just to say them outloud,
let them be heard,
and be taken away by the wind.

the hearing, the being,
the seeing, the saying,
the dark, and the gusty light,
all in a lunch hour.