Hola gorgeouses,

Me & Goddess Sone have had a bundle of questions asked about Term 2 of Goddess School, so I thought I’d answer them here just incaseys you were a-wondering too.

The Creative Goddess continuance-thingy

A couple of gorgeous goddesses wanted to know that if they hadn’t done the Creative Goddess e-course in Term 1 – had they missed out on something, and is the Term 2 one an advanced course?

Tops question!

The Creative Goddess e-course running in Term 2 is the same as in Term 1.

At some point I will create an Advanced Creative Goddess e-course, but at the moment… it’s still the gorgeous creativity course you can begin with.

Radiant Goddess during Winter…

We know many goddesses will be in winter when Term 2 begins – and we get asked how the Radiant Goddess e-course menu plan will work with colder environments. There are options for both raw as well as warm cooked meals, so you can create a balance that really, really works for you.

And we specifically planned for this course to begin right at the start of the year, so you can start your year’s journey off with a really gorgeous body-mind-and-spirit reinvigoration… giving you the support and guidance and inspiration so you can really work with your New Year’s resolutions & big dreams for 2010. Hurrah!

Also – all the meals (both cooked and raw) are free from gluten, processed sugar, dairy & caffeine – all things that you can be allergic too without even knowing – and it’s only when they are out of your menu that you realise just how radiant you feel without them.

Whenever I run retreats, I use the same menus… and it’s always amazing to see over the space of two or three days all the goddesses beginning to feel lighter and clearer and stronger and more radiant… just from the food they are eating…

so me & Goddess Sone are hoping to bring the same experience & feeling to all the goddesses during the e-course!

Gift vouchers?

Yus – you can buy gift vouchers for dear ones as Christmas presents. You can make them as enrolments for either of the courses, or make it as a Term 2 pass so they can choose. If you’d like to arrange one, just email me!

What Goddess School is all about!

Me & Goddess Sone managed to round up some time (and puppies!) to talk about what Goddess School is all about…

Introduction to Goddess School from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

Is Chris hot?

Yes, yes he very much is.

And no one has asked that, but I’m just pre-emptively answering it. hee hee hee 🙂

You are so welcome!

Which reminds me – more than once, we’ve had this conversation:

Hottest Man in the Universe: Can you please stop saying “you are hot” on my Facebook page?

Woman in Love With Hottest Man in the Universe: No, no I can’t.

The End.

Wasn’t that a magical story?

Yakking about the Radiant Goddess e-course

And a sharing about the Radiant Goddess e-course…

Introducing the Radiant Goddess eCourse from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

I think that’s all the updates & answers I needed to share…

if you have any more questions, ask away dearheart!

Would love to help out 🙂

May your day be magic, magic & magic plus!

big love you,