Hola gorgeous Goddess!

As I yacked about in our last Crafty Christmas Goddess project (the Stocking edition!), we are making our own kind of Christmas this year. Since we usually spend it at either of our family’s homes, we don’t actually have Christmas decorations. We wanted to make something that wasn’t particularly standard Christmas-fare… we wanted something that was us – funny, homemade, creative, hippies. And don’t forget my ultimate creed… cheap is gooood. hee hee hee!

So today, we were walking around our $2 shop/warehouse, and I spotted the cutest fake tree for $10. And I was eyeing off all the decoration paraphenalia we could buy… but I thought pffffffft… we can do this our kind of style!

So I present to you… Seven Gorgeous & New Wonderful Things You Can Decorate Your Tree With!

1. Photos

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an optical illusion? Oh noes… it’s a photograph in a tree.

And even more mind-bending… it’s a photo of a real pine tree… in a fake one.


Anyways, photos are adorable & must adorn more trees.

2. Felted Wool Goodies

A gorgeous goddess sent me this felted wool baby-angel when I first became pregnant.

It’s been sitting over my altar since then, calming me with her peaceful presence.

And now she is a tree-fairy. The End.

3. Keyrings get new life.

I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but we have all around our home a whole bundle of cute knick-knacks.

Including this keyring that is too pretty to let go of.

Anything that is hookable or dangle-able is fair game when it comes to Christmas ornaments.

Including this little set of story beads.

4. Herb pockets

This one is my favourite by faaaaar!

I found some sweet little semi-translucent gift bags, and went out into the garden and harvested some herbs.

A little bit of rosemary…

A little bit of sage…

And a little bit of my favourite…


These are my favourite of all our new ornaments… they bring in the beautiful herbal healing energy… and the outside earth energy… and they smell divine.

5. Wool & Ribbon

Who needs tinsel… when I have a whole bundle of ribbon & wool offcuts?

6. Crystal necklaces

This one comes in third place favourites… I got out some of the crystal bead necklaces I’ve made and hung them all over the tree too.

Yummy and light-filled and healing and colourful all at once!

7. Rosary beads

This is my second favourite of our ornaments… my dear friend Goddess Sone gifted me her sacred rosary beads.

I adored stringing them on our tree…

Here’s the end of it… and funnily enough – there in the background is a beautiful wooden mama statue Sone gave me as well!

I am so blessed 🙂

Christmas trees are so much more sacred when filled with treasures and love, me thinks.


So those are my seven new favourite ways.

I’ve still got one more up my sleeve that I am waiting to make…

Strands of hand-painted paper cranes!

So what about you, gorgeous Goddess?

How do you decorate your tree?

Big love you!