had a workshop all day yesterday for work

and then last night again

and while i was really interested by the presentations

and got a bit excited about the prospect of public policy development

and thought “how cool” when i learnt about all the things

my department does,

i still find myself slightly lost because i didn’t get the time to be me

time to be with chris and charlie

write in my blog

work on my new website

read a little

sink into my beanbag.

so i leave you with this while i pop off for another day of workshopping.

blessings to you all.

“Work is a part of my identity

but it is not my essence.

I have a job I may value,

yet I am worthy and interesting without my work.

The work of the soul transcends our work in the world.

I am a soul engaged on a personal journey.

I am a traveller whose unique destination can be reached by many routes.

Often apparent detours and reversals bring me

to new and important vistas,

welcome if unexpected growth.

While I may value my identity as a work, I affirm the seperate and

valued identity of the “I” that does the work.

Personal and transcendent, “I” am more than any job I undertake.

No one job holds my entire destiny.”

~ Julia Cameron, Transitions.