From Follow Your Dreams

Have been working madly away at my new webpage.

Thank you for being so patient.

It will be up within a week or so.

Not time to share yet about the labyrinth. I promise I will.

I’m just letting it sink softly, then rise again to the surface.


Life is good.

Regardless of the vagaries of living,

life is worth living if only to have the opportunity

to smell the sweet lemon-vanilla scent of magnolia blossoms,

to see one paper-thin periwinkle butterfly flutter about,

to feel one cool breeze dance across your skin on a warm summer day,

to hear one chickadee call out for a mate,

or to taste the juicy sweet nectar of one ripe peach.

Joy ~ the possibility of joy ~

is abundant even in times of sorrow if only we use our senses.

Love life back.

~~ Claire Prideaux

Reading ~ Women who Run with the Wolves.

Listening ~ Jimmy Little. The old gentleman of country music.

Loving this amazing Zoom Quilt imagery.

Be gentle with yourselves beautiful people.

Be tender in today.