Every week, my inbox grows with questions from people.

“How do you only work ten hours a week?”

“I want to write my book but I have no clue how to get it published?”

“You make such pretty graphics… HOW?!”

“Is it really possible to make 8 figures while raising a family?”

My assistant does her best to answer all the Qs and update our FAQs, but we both understand that sometimes you just need to be able to ask the question directly, and get an answer straight from the horses mouth.

Enter: The Horse. AKA moi.

On Thursday April 29th at 6:30am I’ll be running a 1 hour live Ask Me Anything live call!

You can ask me literally anything about life, business, marketing, being social media free and my courses!

If you’re a member of any of my courses, you’ll already know that once a month I run an Open Office Hour live call, where peeps can rock up and ask me literally anything, LIVE!

They’re suuuper popular and SO MUCH FUN, so much so that I wanted to do one open to everyone.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done! Bonza AF! 

Once you register, you’ll get an email with the link, details and some TOP SECRET MISSIONS.

Okay, by “top secret” I mean I’ll tell you right now because OMGZ I am so excited.

We’re having three competitions:

  1. Wear the most epic of hats
  2. Show off your cutest and/or most ridiculous pets
  3. Ask me a super interesting or funny question

There will be a winner for each category and there shall be AH-MAY-ZING prizes! How fucking fun is that?!

I’ll be giving away FREE memberships to your choice of a course:

  • Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income
  • Finish Your Book in 40 Days
  • 40 Days to Create + Sell Your eCourse

Be there or be square, hohoho.

With shining love and abundance,

P.S. YES! The call will be recorded and uploaded to my Youtube!