I always try and set a creative project for the weekend.
This weekend I painted a doorhandle hanging for a gorgeous friend in Sydney.

“Goddess lives within” indeedy.

Creative projects don’t have to be much.
They can be very very small.
Just to get the juices flowing is wonderful!

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photos by chris

Yesterday’s creative project was eating a mangosteen.
I ate boxes of these in Malaysia, so it was a delight to find them in the supermarket.
I love the vivacious red purple when you crack the mangosteen open.
The segments which taste of mango and apple and banana and lychee all at once.

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I unpeeled it slowly in the sun,
ate it bit by bit,
with dog at my feet,
and lover pandering around, photographing.

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The most creative thing one can do
is create a life well loved.

“you are an artist…
the beautiful, authentic life you are creating for yourself
and those you love is your art.
it’s the highest art.”
~ sarah ban breathnach