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The gods and goddesses convened once again for their picnic to discuss worldly affairs.
or not.
Perhaps it was just an eclectic group of friends meeting to share lunch and laughter in the park.

Maybe it was both.

All I know,
is that on Friday,
the gods ~ chris, paris, ben
& the goddesses ~ me, andrea, lile, erin, deb
joined again.

And we ate our lunches on our purple rug.
We used my new magical mermaids and dolphins oracle card set.
We laughed a lot.
We talked.
Stories were told.
An hour was a holiday.

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the beautiful andrea. i love how the light dances by the side of an eye.
she looks like a laughing south american warrior goddess.

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lile. telling us “I told you people! I’m supposed to listen to my dreams! Even SARK tells me!”

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Erin laughing. I love how Erin’s face exactly what she is thinking. She’d be crap at poker but oh my gosh she is sincere. 🙂

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no explanation necessary. i heart deb.

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mr paris, in story tell mode.
he is the bestest story teller ever! when he talks i feel like hitching my knees to my chin and just listening.

so that was our lunch.
gods, goddesses.

an adventure.
and a sublime way to be at peace.