hola gorgeous goddess,

i’m a-typing to you one handed from the 24/7 breastaurant…
ostara is now six weeks old… and as well as being the light of
our lives, she is a frequent dining customer at the goddess
breastaurant… which leaves me a whole bundle of time to type
one handed love notes, ponder the uniberse and concoct more
biiiiiig dreams 🙂

soooooooo… what i’m doing is opening up a new special round
of ze creative goddess ecourse. i haven’t run a sacred circle
since last year… my dear goddess sister sone has been running
goddess school for me which has been fan-freaking-tastic… but
i’m feeling the call to lead the gorgeous goddesses again…

i’m only going to run the creative goddess course with our
sacred online goddess circle right now… if you’ve been waiting
to do the course, now would probably be a magical time to get me
one-on-one in circle…

if you’ve done the course before but would like to be part of the
circle again, there’s a re-do enrolment option too. i’ll probably
cap numbers too so it doesn’t get too crazy-busy {i’ve had over
150 goddesses enrol in this course all at once before… it’s one
of my most popular… as well as being my favouritest!}

if you’re looking to get all creative again… or want to get
fuelled up with meditations, projects, healing & transformation,
i can whole*heart*edly recommend this course.

for more info & to claim your place in circle, head over here.

i’m sooooooo excited to be going back into circle again…

every.single.time women circle, miracles happen…

speaking of miracles, she is asleeeeeeeeeep! *group high five*

i’m off to cuddle up with this one in bed…

big love and cuddles and miracles to you sweetpea!

goddess leonie & goddess ostara

p.s. if your spirit is calling you to create, you can find us here.