Ok…. Hmm. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to as it’s a touchy topic. What are your spiritual beliefs? Do you believe in God, Buddha???

Good question Helena darlingk…

And touchy topics don’t bother me at all… in fact i think they are the topics which should be discussed. Just with compassion and consciousness 🙂

My spiritual beliefs are like a big vegetable soup.

Filled with different morsels of goodness, no set colour or confirmation, and no real name. All I know is, it tastes good, and it keeps getting added to. I don’t really prescribe to one religion, say tomato soup (christianity) ~ it’s a bit too watery and unsatisfying for my liking.

I quite like the pumpkin soup of buddhism, but I do love to add sweet potato (native wisdoms) and red lentils (wicca) to it. I love the heartiness, the juicyness, the fullness of it. I love not really knowing what the next taste will be like. I am inspired by New Age~isms and Age Old~isms of Native American wisdom and Australian Aboriginal wisdom.

I believe in empowerment and self love and creativity in all its guises.

I believe in goddesses and gods, spirits and others. I believe in each person there is a knowing one ~ a buddha, a gandhi, a mother theresa, a god. And if we listen quietly to ourselves, we will hear the knowing one speak.

So yes, a hearty vegetable soup ~ with no real definition, but still damn tasty!