Thought provoking questions from ze ever thought provoking Ben

Why can we only see light waves but not microwaves or radio waves? It’s not like they are too fast or anything!

But we can see me waving, so that’s all that matters.

I can wave fast, or slow. It really depends on my mood whether I wave frenetically or softly.

Why is it wrong to steal from a corporation if they will never notice, and they are totally rich anyway?

Sorry, I lost interest there. Somewhere between the lines of corporation and rich I realised you were talking about something boring, and I got so bored my head fell off. Plop. Just like that.

Why does everyone listen to R&B?

I have no idea. Maybe they really aren’t, and are secretly alluding to the fact they are listening to Willie Nelson.

I don’t, because I am unashamed of my love for Willie. I am an out of the closet country music fan. I came out last week after realising that I wanted to get a CD called Country Classics.

love and laughter,