By the ever beautiful Lile ~

What is your greatest fear?

In quiet moments, I hear a whisper of fear within me… what if I don’t allow myself to be all I can be? what if I fall into old patterns?… what if I wake up one morning and I’m old and I haven’t done what I wanted to do? What if I conformed? What if I decided that to lessen my weirdity to others, I lived in a quieter box? What if I listened to the nay~sayers, instead of the yes in my heart?

These are the what ifs that scare me the most.

A friend of mine, the dearest Martin (and now, when I think of him, I realise how much I would love to reconnect with him! So I shall! Hurrah! Thank you thought, for popping into my head!) So, anyways, my beautiful friend Martin once told me that everything we did was done out of two reasons ~ love or fear.

So, I try not live by the fear of my what~ifs. I live by the yes~ses, the dreams, the hope, the love of what I could be.

So, those are my greatest fears.

That and small places. I’m claustrophobic. hee hee hee.

Oh, and the usual response of great fears ~ losing loved ones. But even that loss can be worked through, and beauty still pervades even in grief. I still feel as much love, wonder and magic from my brother even when he has passed on.