The ever gorgeous Lisa Marie asked ~

Dear Leonie the Brave,

What was the moment when you first KNEW “wow, I’m exactly who I want to be?”

I think I am still awakening to that prospect. Growing up as a kid, and as a teen, I looked forwards to that point in time when my life would REALLY start ~ when I had everything together and I was exactly what I wanted to be and I had what I wanted to have.

And somewhere along the line, I realised in shock that I wasn’t living my life for today… I was living for the day when everything was perfect. It sorta scared me to find that I was living a life of a dreaming sleeper who was waiting to awake in the perfect morning, instead of being an alive and soul living in the present. So I set about living my life how I wanted to live.

I figured the rest would follow, and that through it I would become what I needed to be. I am still awakening to the realisation now that I am what I want to be. And I always have been. Just as we all are. We develop in new ways, and delight in the changes with in us. Essentially though, we are the same. Intrinsically the same souls, just with a better awareness of the joy that we are capable of.

So the moment of my first realisation was actually this year. September some time. When, after a few months of living the way I wanted to, exploring new paths in me, taking time to be creative, looking after my body, I found myself overjoyed with the prospect of being who I wanted to be. Really overjoyed. Because it felt like all the stars had lined up for me. At last.

what is your favorite vegetable?


I love pumpkin soup, especially with red lentils and a bit of sweet potato.

I love pumpkin scones too, laden with cream and jam. Especially my mum’s pumpkin scones.

Thank you dear LM.

Your questions made me reflect and feel so grateful.