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Hola gorgeous Goddess!

Yesterday the gorgeous Goddess Gina shared her Top 7 essential oils to heal anxiety… and today we’ll be learning new ways to use them!

Yippee! This is like going to a sweet lil healing class together… pens & paper out, darlinghearts! Let’s become mega-wise healing goddesses!

I am going to tell you a couple simple ways for you to incorporate Aromatherapy to help you reduce anxiety. You can use any of the essential oils above by themselves, or combine them to create your own aromatic oasis blend. You may also have a favorite essential oil that you like to use for anxiety relief that you can incorporate in the following ways as well:

1. A Blissful Soak

Taking a nice warm bath in general is very calming to both your mind and body, but when you add essential oils to the bath water, you have just amped up the anxiety relieving power of a bath. To a full tub of warm bath water, add 6-10 drops total of one essential oil or of an essential oil blend, swish it around and enjoy your bath. You can also dilute your essential oil or blend in powdered milk, dead sea salts or a base oil such as sweet almond oil before adding to your bath if you have sensitive skin.


2. An Aromatic Rub

This is one of my favorite ways to use Aromatherapy for anxiety relief because not only are you inhaling the scent which will help relax your mind, but you are also massaging the body oil onto your skin which is relaxing and calming to your body. Plus your skin gets hydrated! You can also use your body oil as a bath oil and to massage your hands and feet before you go to bed which is a total anxiety buster as well. I do this practically every night right before I go to bed. Body oils are one of the first Aromatherapy products I ever made. To make your own, add a total of 9-15 drops of essential oils to a 1 ounce bottle with a flip top or screw cap. Then fill the rest of the bottle with a base such as jojoba, sunflower oil or sweet almond oil. Put the cap on, shake gently and poof! You have your own handmade aromatic body rub.

3. Aromatic Atmospheres

You can use a candle or electric diffuser to disperse your chosen essential oil or essential oil blend into the air and this will also have a calming effect on your senses. You could diffuse
your essential oil blend in your bedroom right before you go to bed for a really peaceful nights sleep. Just be sure to blow the candle or unplug your diffuser right before you go to bed! There are also personal fan diffusers that run by battery which I use and love as well. I use it when I am working on my computer so to stay calm and focused especially when I am on the
computer for a long period of time.

**Special note: Be sure to follow the directions that came with your diffuser.

4. Tootsie Treat

A foot bath is so calming! To a basin of water add 5- 7 drops of an essential oil or blend with or without sea salts. When you take care of your feet, your whole body relaxes. If you have ever had a good foot reflexology session, you will know what I mean. You can layer on the anxiety relief by massaging body oil on your feet after you are done with your foot bath. This is great to do at night to wind down from the stresses of your day and to help you sleep better as well.

5. Aroma Spritzer

Add 12-15 drops of your essential oil or essential oil blend to 1 ounce distilled, filtered or spring water in a sprayer bottle. Shake, close your eyes and mist around you whenever needed, avoiding the face area. This is something you can take with you and use throughout the day. If you are really feeling crazy and creative, use rose water in place of the distilled, filtered or spring water – you will be in absolute heavenly bliss!

Bonus: Pull, Twist, Sniff!

Inhale your essential oil or blend right from the bottle itself. If you are out and about and begin to feel anxious, just reach for your essential oil or blend, open the cap and inhale! Ahh, instant stillness.

A little bit about your aromatherapy goddess guide…

Gina Rafkind is on a journey; a journey to live life in the most luminous way she can. Her passion is to share her adventure and discoveries with you so you too can live your most luminous life ever.

She is the founder of VedaSun, which empowers you to unleash your radiant inner being, and guides you to align this energy to your outer experiences to live your most vibrant life ~ a life of luminous peace, joy and bliss ~ mixing in a little bit of fun along the way! Gina has a free report you can love up, Break~Out, Be~Free.

Thank you oodles & poodles, dearest scent~healer Goddess Gina… for giving us this lil mini-class on anxiety-healing aromatherapy! I am muchos grateful & want to festoon you with flowers!

And to you, dearest jedi healer student… now you know the wisdom, use it, possum pie!

What can you do today to try out your new healer goddess muscles?

big love!