{Hola gorgeous goddess…
I just found this story of a healing I received in Dreaming Land while I was still pregnacious…
and I wanted to share it with you…}

Last night, I go to bed after working and worrying way too much.

I clamber around, looking for the miracle cure.

Inside me, a voice says:
Enough. Use your tools, Leonie.
And so I do.
I stream the list of tools in my head I can use, and I remember:
Call your elders.
My body lights up at the thought.
Oh goodie. It is time to go home.
I turn my lamp off, and I call my elders to me.
Elders, please be with me. Please surround me. Please give me the healing and teachings I need right now.
I feel their presence all around me.
And then I see a crystal mountain in front of me.
I walk up it, and half way there, I see a wooden see-saw balance on a rock. It rocks back and forth, back and forth.
There is something profound about this see-saw. I sit on the ground to watch it, and listen to its medicine.
This is the way you are right now, Leonie. Up and down, up and down, teetering this way and that way.
It is time to do things differently now.
And I see the see-saw becoming stable, and whole, and grounded to the earth, a soft place to be.
I study it some more, letting it weave its onion meanings and depths into me.
When I am ready, I walk the rest of the path to the top of the mountain.
There, among the sky and breeze and light, there is a white pillared open-wall temple.
My elders are gathered there.
I lay down in the centre, and feel their hands over me – my face, my body, my limbs.
I am given a healing.
Great surges of light wash over me, like waves of rain,
and as they do,
I feel the little mermaid inside me
swishing her mermaid tail strongly
in time with each healing wave.
The moment stands still, the cosmos lights up,
and I smile at just what a miracle this life is…
just how loved we all are…
how healing is just around the corner…
we only need to listen..
AHO! to you dear goddess sister,