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Hola possums!

We’re rockin’ and rollin’ with new Academy courses coming your way!

Last week we released Grant Andrew’s Deep Brewed Life album and today we have an excerpt from our first live Academy event!

This was recorded LIVE in Denver, Colorado at our first US Academy retreat.

This one hour video is a beautiful, intimate insight into how you can discover the wisdom that exists in your own life story.

I believe the key markings of Grant’s magical teaching style is the interweaving of heart, personal story, analogy + big AHA! moments. I like to call him the Malcolm Gladwell of the heart. This is no different.

Plus, there’s a kind of magic of watching a video recording of a live training. There’s an aliveness to it. It’s actually my favourite type of course to learn from.

(Just as an FYI as well: We have hired a professional video team for our upcoming 2 day Canberra Shining Retreat and will be releasing the full seminar videos to our Academy members. This is the kind of stuff that others sell for thousands of $$$$ – we’re just giving it our peeps, as always, to spoil + delight them. We pour all our energy into making the Academy the best, deepest + most amazing value resource out there. Hooray!)


(I gently suggested highly recommended forced him to use this photograph for the course because this is the regular view of Grant. Throwing back his head laughing. Our team consequently spends a lot of time looking at his neck and chin on Skype.)

Here’s what Grant says about “Discover Your Life’s Wisdom”:

It is so easy to discount what we know, what we’ve learned, the ways that our experience has taught us.

This is how we grow and discover our very own life wisdom. And we need this wisdom to take our next steps. Capturing and integrating these experiences into our current thought processes allows us to become our own teachers, letting the lessons of our life fuel our progress.

You’ll receive the course video + handout PDF to help you mine the wisdom of your own life’s wisdom.

If you’re an Academy member, tune in here!

Not an Academy member… yet?


There are many investments you can make in your business.

I get that. I know there’s a million different directions your cash can be pulled. I can guarantee though – if you turn up and make use of the Academy + its mastermind, it’s going to give you the BEST return on investment possible.

Each month, because of the Academy, you’ll be:

  • growing your business profit with our fast growth tactics
  • building your social media reach like a pro
  • turning them into buying customers + raving fans (making you THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS)
  • brainstorming with other Academy members – essential advice on how to do your business better, in ways you haven’t thought of before!
  • getting advice from our panel of experts (saving you cash on having to buy extra advice or programs!)
  • saving you valuable time searching around the whole damn interwebs for an answer and hoping it’s the right one
  • learning from $10,000 (and counting!) worth of training materials!
  • finding other members to meet up with face to face to mastermind with (MEET + GROW RICH, BABY!)
  • implementing our success habits + mindset to get you the BIGGEST impact with the LEAST amount of hours + tears
  • jumping on our monthly coaching calls to get hotseat advice (worth THOUSANDS – I usually charge $1k an hour for coaching!)
  • finding out the very latest business tactics and tips that are getting people RESULTS in their businesses
  • getting access to an incredible community of women you can work with, brainstorm with and get referrals from
  • getting advice on the exact right software situation for your biz needs (saving you HUNDREDS!)
    all the love we can pile on you.

Let’s go, lovely. It’s time to make those dreams of yours come TRUE.

Join the Academy now!

All my love,


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