Hola Gorgeous Goddesses!

I got a wonderful email yesterday from one of the Creative Goddesses, and it brought up such a wonderful question, that I thought I’d share my answer here – and thus – ASK A GODDESS was born! 🙂

Question from a Goddess…

“I signed up for your ecourse and am very looking forward to it. I was just wondering about it. I’m a native-Dutch-speaking person and whenever I do affirmations etc.  I keep asking myself if I should do it in my native language (Dutch) or is it as powerful (for me) if I do it in English? Sometimes it is difficult to find a right translation, and sometimes it’s impossible to find a right translation. Or doesn’t it matter for the spirit in what language it is? I hope you understand my question. it keeps me puzzled and till now I never read something about it…….”

I wanted to answer it here, because I don’t feel like this is a question just for non-native English speakers. I think it’s a question for all of us – and for the 6 billion languages that exist on this planet. We each have our own language, and inner dialogue that makes sense to us, and I think we all need to custom-fit affirmations so they work within our personal language.

Six billion people, six billion inner-languages…

I think the best way to work with affirmations is to use the *language* and *words* that fit most powerfully to you.

I don’t think we should all use the same affirmations with the same words. We all need to learn our lessons and bloom *our way* in our own personal dialect, whether that’s English, Dutch or Espanol *and* whether that’s Leonie-speak, Irene-speak or Another-Goddesses-Inner-Speak.

For instance, I have a Louise Hay affirmation calendar on my desk that I read everyday. And some days she uses words that *I* don’t personally use, have affinity to or understand in the same way. The words just don’t *fit* for me. There’s no point in me saying over and over again words that don’t make sense to me, or ring true for me – so I either transfer the meaning into something that makes sense to me, and that I can resonate with, or go back to another affirmation that does work really well for me.

My little personal rule of thumb – if you can’t remember the affirmation off the top of your head, it probably doesn’t have personal and deep resonance.

Affirmations that are true for you…

I also advocate only using affirmations when you have at least a smidgen of a belief that the affirmation could possibly true.

There’s no use saying an affirmation over and over again when everytime you hear it, you flinch a little, and a big part of you says “THAT’S NOT TRUE!”

Even when you know up there – in that big universal truth of utter love and light and egolessness where we are one big puddle of oneness, that it’s true – if it isn’t true for your *self* right now, try working around it in different ways.

For example, some affirmations about friendship and health for me don’t work. Like – I’ll look at them and go “That would be nice to believe that, but I really, really don’t believe that right now.” And that’s really okay. All in sweet time. What you’re ready to heal and work with right now is just perfect, dearheart.

So if you can change the wording until you *can* find a place you can believe in it, do that. Or use an affirmation that makes you feel HAPPY saying it, not resisting, flinching, or disbelieving. Go with the one that really does work for you.

Affirmations are supposed to make you feel crappy.
They are supposed to make you feel good.
Go where the goodness is.

And a tiny affirmation anecdote…

Yesterday I fulfilled one of my Things to Do this Life list – I went kayaking on Lake Burley-Griffin. As I was driving to pick up my friend Lena, I flicked from one radio station to the other, feeling buzzy-brained and unable to settle. So I turned off the music, and starting saying affirmations out loud. I just let whatever I need to hear pop out, and sure enough, I feel calmer, more centred and happier within a few moments. Yesterday, the words that I spoke again and again were “I am beautiful. I am loved. I am beautiful. I am loved.”

As my blue jeep and I drove down the road, I thought to myself “How amazing would it be to actually hear those words today?”

I picked up Lena, and we hugged. “Oh Onie!” she said {the name she has called me since boarding school}. “You look so BEAUTIFUL!”

It made me smile. Miracles fall out of the sky all the time. Sometimes we see them. Sometimes we think they are a happy accident. And sometimes, they are so blooming obvious, ya gotta high five the universe.

What’s your affirmation right now? What miracles are you helping be born into your life?

Big Love,

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Start your New Year in the most beautiful way.