Good morning gorgeous Goddesses! {I feel like Charlie talking to his angels here. Except Charlie’s a dog. And everyone gets to be an angel.}

Today I wanted to talk about the miracles that happen when we give ourselves *permission*. Permission to be creative, permission to say no, permission to say yes, permission to take a nap, permission to follow our vision, and permission to be ourselves.

What I’ve loved most about the Creative Goddess e-course & circle so far – is the miracles and creativity already being born. Yes – the course doesn’t even begin for six weeks, and yet women all over this beautiful world have started doing extraordinary things. They’ve picked up brushes that have lay dormant for one year or fifteen years. They’ve started connecting with themselves and others in new and intoxicating ways. And beautiful little soul flowers have begun to bloom.

All because they gave themselves permission.

Just the mere act of saying YES to a creativity course was like giving themselves a big, fat, rainbow pass that said “You are Hereby Permitted To Create. You Can Be A Creative Goddess.”

And so they did.

Here’s some of those miracle stories…

The precious Goddess Anita sent me photos of a beautiful new goddess she painted after getting her paints out again. She let the painting marinate when it didn’t work, and trusted that it would work out beautifully. And it did.

Another goddess emailed me and said “I can’t wait for the course to begin! It’s weird but I’m already filled with creativity, and I’ve picked up a paintbrush for the very first time!”

The scrumptious SwirlyAnge sent me this today, and it made me smile so much:
“I had a most magical afternoon yesterday that I think will make you smile. My Mumma is recovering from a hip operation at the moment and I went to visit her armed with my art supplies. Now, once we moved past her protests that she ‘just isn’t creative’ we had an awesome time creating vision boards. And HOLY MOLY you should’ve seen hers! It is AMAZING and super meaningful. She was so stinking proud of it in the end she was showing everyone! Yay! Best afternoon ever!”

The beautiful morale of the story is this:
As soon as we give ourselves permission, and an opportunity, miracles happen. The whole universe unfolds and opens to give you exactly what you’ve been craving.

So this celebration season, I gift myself with a large irridescent shimmering box:  A box of Permission for myself.
In it, there are permission slips:

Permission to Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate.
Permission to watch as many soppy romantic comedies as I please. {I seem to have been using this slip quite a lot the last few weeks! hee hee!}
Permission to BE.
Permission to Trust that everything really is going to work out okay.

Permission to Create, unabashedly, wildly and without result.

Permission to be this miraculously lopsided, odd and wonderful Goddess named Leonie.

And I know that now I’ve given myself permission… the miracles will begin to float their way in, tenderly and often quietly, into my life.

What Permission Slips do you wish to give yourself this celebration season?

All my love,

The Creative Goddess e-course & Circle begins January 15. Start the New Year with six weeks of creativity, inspiration and soulfulness. Includes projects, videos, MP3 meditations and an online circle.