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Dearest Canberra tribe,

Public service announcement today:

Pregnant, or know anyone who is?

My darling spiritual mentor/friend/bosom buddy/kindred spirit Deb Namara is just about to complete her doula training, and would LOVE to support some women through birth.

I wish I had Deb during my births… I did however have the support of three amazing doulas during my two births… Doulas are AMAZING… they give so much additional support, encouragement and make the experience THAT much better. My husband is a huge fan of them too… as a dad and husband he sees how much better things are for baby and wife (and him) with that extra support there.

Besides, Deb has been my doula in all things life and soul for the last 13 years, so I got lucky that way.

In fact, I made the painting above for her about 10 years ago! And this is me with her when I was young and child-free. On the left is our darling friend Lil, who is a bit of a narcoleptic but we love her anyway.

b&w three deb lile leonie

And I am SO glad she’s now offering her doula services to the world… I know so many birthing mamas will be blessed by her support, presence, empathy… along with her magical pain-relieving massage hands and essential oils.

While she’s finishing her last piece of training, she is only charging a nominal fee of $350. She has already attended a birth as a doula, and has more booked in.

I wholeheartedly recommend Deb… she is a walking heart on legs who brings joy and love into every room she is in… and is a deep healer of mind, body and soul. Perfect for any birthing mama!

Please do pass on to any groups/friends you think might be interested. Doulas are SO needed in this world… every birthing mama should have one!

Contact details for Deb:
Canberra Kahuna Massage & Reiki
0410 359 965

And, as always, this is not a sponsored post. I don’t do that. I share about things I love because I’m bossy and think everyone should know about them. Deb only pays me in love, and a blushing head shake of “Oh gawd Leonie, you didn’t have to do that.”


Love, Deb’s bossiest friend,

P.S. If you aren’t preggo… you still should be going to see Deb for massages. It’s effing diiiivine x a billion. Info on all that on details above.