am back again…
feeling a bit homesick
& inbetween two worlds.
the pluses however, are:
1. I have sunburn & heat rash {which just screams I’VE BEEN ON HOLIDAYS}
2. I’ve had a fabulous time.


words that my wise dad in law told me have stuck in my head…
today i wrote them l a r g e in my journal on the plane home.

when anything happens, do 3 things:

A C C E P T it.

T R U S T that you are guided, looked after, and that all is well in the scheme of the world.

M O V E T H R O U G H I T. as gracefully, stumbling, lovingly as you can.


that’s all for now. i have many pictures…
but more importantly, i have memories.

my arms ache to be around my little nephew Josh.
feet want to be back there, strolling in the morning dew.

all is well in the world…

everything is soaked in BLESSINGS.