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off on holidays…

we’re flying out tomorrow morning, back to my hometown halfway across the country to the whitsundays…

here’s what i look forward to ~

::: seeing my two sisters, becky and mooks, who i haven’t seen in a year… how things change in a year… how we move, grow, change, become, find strength.
my sisters are B R A V E… this last year they’ve ventured into the unknown, where wilder, tastier things blossom. new dreams. singledom. overseas travel.
i’m so proud of my two sisters, and can’t WAIT to see them again!

::: i can’t wait to take my shoes off and plant my toesies in the lush greeeeeeen grasses of home

::: my parent’s farm. i want to be there in the quiet, watching the sun rise over the paddocks. the mist rolls over the fields. the patter of vinnie the dog’s feet. the farmhouse, and the smell of rain as it comes rolling in. the soft nuzzle of the miniature horses that live in the houseyard ~ stormy and jack. watching the sunset down over the lake, over the mountains, from atop the dog’s large concrete kennel. i miss it there. the place i grew up on, was nourished on. the earth held me still. i’ll be there soon.

::: seeing the whole family. my mum and dad and big bro and sweet little niece and nephew. laughing over the large dinner table, the lavash farmhouse food, the blue wooden walls that encase my memories.

::: catching up with my sweet friend jade, who was my best friend in primary school. we haven’t seen each other in years. time has aged us, wizened us (perhaps), and inevitably, brought us closer together.

::: the beach. oh sweet, sweet beach, how i have missed you. my nostrils will make love to the salt that dances in the wind. i will bathe my toes in sand and in water.

i’ll be back next wednesday.

until then, i grant you the sweetest peace,
the knowing that you don’t have to prove anything, you are marvellous and beautiful just the way you are,
i will remember this myself.
i bathe you in the sweet light of athena, in the knowledge of great love and spirit,
i carry you in my pocket on adventures wide and small,
and i pass to you, on a small pink note, this:
you have all touched me. your words ring in my heart.
i turned, and i turned, and i looked in the mirror, and i found myself: glimpses of goddess.
how *you* see me.
i wonder how many times i have circled with each of you. held each other’s hands in the rain. helped one another give birth. go through initiations. dance alivened in the sky together, as cosmos angels.
i wonder if once upon a time me and princessraqs did go adventuring in the forest, making friends with bears.
and if i really did see maitri libellule in a salon, resplendent in her pink feather boa.
and i wonder if me and thistlegirl really were in instanbul to see the goddess.
so many other dreams and intuitions come to us. they seek to reveal to us the truth of our own divinity, of the MIRACLES that have flowed in our lives since time began, the connections we have made with each other.

i feel myself grow luminously stronger every day.
some days i feel tired by all the awakenings, insights, lessons, and i mule over the idea of being a spiritual slob…
but i know it’s worth it. keep on keeping on. shine, little love beans, shine, because it’s what we can do. to shine is our potential, to shine is our magnificence.

i love you all dearly.
each of you has given me feathers to add to my wings,
and so i offer to you, feathers,
to S O A R.

with love like integrity of earth, fluidity of the oceans, passion of the fire, vibrancy of the air,