The girls ~ Lile, Deb, me

Reality is permeated, indeed flooded, with divine creativity, nourishment, and care.

~ Marcus J. Borg

On Sunday, we went to Tidbinbilla National Park to softly celebrate my birthday…

“we” ~ Chris, me, Deb, Lile

We sat at a table overlooking the mountains.

We ate beautiful food ~

fruit salad, strawberry champagne,

Deb’s love*filled pie, Lile’s amazing sweets.

It was cool, but the company warmed us.

Lile & Deb

Ze three amigos

Two halves…

Later, we walked up the hill beside us, and found a cluster of gorgeous rocks.

They were just so beautiful and peaceful, overlooking the valley,

and the surrounding mountain range…

Lush Lile from my perspective…

Me from Lile’s perspective…

Dear Deb…

When we came down from the mountain,

we ate the remains of my “Happy Birthday” cake which

Deb made into a “Happy Sunday” cake.

tee hee hee…

Then we drove up to my favourite place ~

Hanging Rock.

It is a huge rock that stands on the top of a hill,

surrounded by forest, a river at its foot.

It was originally an Aboriginal shelter…

and everytime I go there, I am awed, and I am at peace.

It was pure joy to share it with Deb & Lile.

In some other timeline, some other world,

we are still all there…

living beneath the embrace of the rock,

pressing ourselves to it,

hugging the trees beside it.

And that was it.

That was our brunch.

Simple, but so so beautiful.

To be with my favourite Canberra people,

enjoying my favourite Canberra land.

Couldn’t ask for more could I?

Happy birthday me!