had a beautiful lunch today.

me and the amazing deb and the lush Lile

had our our last goddess get together before christmas.

We walked to the park, and sat on our purple rug, and we ate good, nutritious food.

Then the gifting began.

I gave the girls paintings ~ it gave me such joy to see joy in their faces!

My two favourite Canberra girls. How I am uplifted and enriched by their friendship.

And then the ever beautiful Lile gave me and Deb handmade jewellery.

Such amazing, vibrant pieces which reflected us and warmed us.

Beautiful earrings and bracelets. Divine creations.

And we paused to think about how our year has been.

How incredible that this year has brought us each other.

This time last year we did not know of lunches in the park, three way hugs, angel cards and friendships which have brought gifts bigger than we could dream of.

Then of course, we had to have a fashion shoot for Lile’s jewellery.

Leonie and Lile.

The amazing lil butterfly Lile made.

When we got back, Deb gave us her gifts ~

handmade chocolates, with berry tarts with hearts, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Amazing. Beautiful. A treat for the eyes.

When Chris picked me up, we ate some on the way home.

Looking at the blue sky and purple mountains, eating the most divine chocolates I have ever eaten.

Deb is a heart cook ~ everything she makes is filled with love, and joy.

It is S U B L I M E.

Those chocolates are the most incredible things I have ever eaten.

My heart was filled and ecstatic after eating them.

And my heart is filled and ecstatic from the joy of these friendships.

Thank you, my dear friends.

I love you both.