Painting for Deb. Today.

I just read the most sublime post by the beautiful, shining Phoenix Light ~ Leigh.

It brought tears to my eyes because it spoke of everything I’ve been learning of late.

I asked her if I could share it with you, and she so graciously agreed.

I do it for me

“Ya know?

I don’t do it for you; I do it for me…

When I listen without judging

When I love unconditionally

When I support you

When I give gentle advice

When I lend laughter

When I hold your hand

When I sincerely compliment you

When I lift you up

When I allow your feelings

When I respect your thoughts

When I value your existence

When I share my experience

When I share in your experience

When I appreciate your presence

When I am your friend

Or your family

Or your counsellor

Or a stranger

I don’t do it for you, though I know it must seem that way

I do it because it sits well in my soul”

~ Phoenix Light