Darling hearts!

I am SO bloomin’ excited let you know that I recently got together with my friends, Kareena and Sophie from Reclaim Her, alongside some incredibly inspiring peeps!

Between us, we’ve created an absolutely phenomenal resource especially for you about RECLAIMING YOUR LIFE and how you can move from feeling overwhelmed, lost, invisible and stuck into becoming the woman you have always wanted to be…and likely never thought was possible! 

Here’s what our beloved hosts Sophie and Kareena have to say:

Through an online interview series “Becoming Me Again, leading experts in relationships, intimacy, grief, business, health and wellbeing will take you on a journey over 21 days.

It was born out of our desire to ignite women to move from feeling lost, invisible and stuck to becoming the woman they know in their hearts they are. Becoming Me Again will:

  • help you reignite that spark deep within you
  • gift you real, personal, practical, powerful and impactful tools to transform your life
  • support you getting your mojo back
  • facilitate rich, real, raw conversations with real women
  • and more!

As a verrrry special guest speaker, I am thrilled to offer you a complimentary ticket!

Maybe you struggled with pregnancy like I did (Hyperemesis Gravidarum fucking suuuuucks) or have experienced the all-consuming grief of losing a loved one. Too often life can make us feel like an odd sock in a washing machine; slamming us around until we feel unrecognisable.

The “Becoming Me Again” Interview series is all about harnessing the wisdom of inspiring, brilliant people so you can feel energised and inspired, find purpose and step back into life on your own terms.

Get ready to watch & listen, because you are about discover exactly how to feel more empowered on your journey to create a life that feels meaningful and aligned with your truth.

The summit starts June 6th and runs until June 21st, but you can grab your FREE ticket now!

See you there!

Love always,