me and he and Her behind us

i read my last post outloud to my love tonight, and we both got a little teary, thinking of that sacred red dust heartland, and our time there together.

if anyone would like to know more of the place i speak of, it is Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock), which is one of Australia’s most photographed icons.

What the pictures don’t show about Uluru is the deep spirit of the place…
it is truly a heartland, a healing place… it is a holy temple between the sky and the earth, a rock that spans 9 kilometres in circumference and rising from the flat desert plains to a height of over 340 metres. Uluru is BIG. incredibly big. One large, beautiful rock protruding from the desert. Can you imagine the miracle of that? It does seem like a miracle.

Chris said to me while we sat beneath it:
Do you believe the stories of how it was created? Of the ancient beings in the dreaming who helped form it?

And I told him flatly:
I want to believe. But my head just tells me that it’s a geological formation.
What do you believe?

And he said softly:
I believe. I want to believe. If I didn’t believe in a greater spiritworld, I might as well throw away all my books. I believe in this greater-ness, and I can’t explain it, but I do anyway.

so that day i began believing.
in the little things.

when i saw a shard of light dancing in the sky with wings, i believed it was an angel.

when i saw a beating light in the stars, I saw it as a cosmic heartbeat.

when i began believing the miracles began to happen.

i believe in me, i believe in him,
i believe in the desert,
i believe in the spirits and the snakes and the people and the souls and the rocks out there,
i believe in the sanctity and the whole-iness holiness.
i believe in where i am right now.

i believe. i believe.