photo by ellen

i dream of red desert sand
and i dream of me and you

and i want this to be a part of our life here.
i want that desert dancing woman to be me here.

i want to go walking in the dunes with you everynight just to watch the angels in the stars.
i want to be with that beautiful big rock again, the earth’s red heart.

Image from NASA

i want to climb the dunes in the afternoon to be with those wise women folk again,
to share stories, and photograph each other in the desert,
be reckless and wild and eat fruit for afternoon tea,
sitting there naked in the desert together,
as womenfolk do.

i want to be with you, i want to be with you.
these words fall out and out and out
who are they for?

they are for my lover and for our love in the desert
they are for mother earth beneath me, cradling me, grounding me,
{i awoke one night in our hotel room, knowing the bed and the floor held me too far away from you}
they are for the desert and uluru and kata tjuta and the desert people,
they are for myself.

i want to be with you great spirit.
i want to be with you.