Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Before I had Little Mermaid I was SO EXCITED about using slings. What could be easier right? Pop baby in sling, and go about your day like everything is normal! Life won’t change at all!

hee hee hee.

Me thinks this goddess was avoiding thinking about life changing.

The truth is, I didn’t know there would be a learning curve when it came to wearing slings.

I didn’t know that it would be hard sometimes. That Little Mermaid wouldn’t always like them.

That I would go through seven different kind of slings and that it would take over two months to finally find our sling groove.

The truth is, some days they work wonderfully (like today! The reason I’m writing this post is because it’s 8.23am, I popped Little Mermaid in a sling so I could put some washing on, she fell asleep, and now I am standing up, rocking back and forwards, madly typing away on my laptop which is balancing on a box in our living room. YAY! Two hands!)

Other days, slings don’t work for us. And I had to find some kind of acceptance about that. That some days we would use a pram. Some days I would just carry her in my arms.

When Starry was first born, she was not a fan of the sling – and neither was I. We just couldn’t work it out. She would grunt and moan while she was in there, and I felt so tight across my chest and anxious that she wasn’t able to breathe properly or be comfortable.

But I kept at it. I talked to other slinging mamas. I watched Youtube videos. I tried more slings out. I read The Attachment Parenting Book which had some good aha! slinging moments. I asked my doula for help. We kept trying.

Things definitely got easier as Starry got stronger and could hold her head up. I found it hard to sling her when she was still a little cocoon baby, and better as she gets older.

Then all of a sudden, I realised last week that our pram hasn’t been used for a month. That I could usually get Starry to have at least one nap in the day in the sling. Hurrah!

Slings really can make it much easier for mama and bubba – once the learning curve is complete.

So I thought I’d share here about the slings I use and what works for us.

{And also, I want to say that if you’ve decided to not use slings, or that they don’t work for you, that is totally perfect and awesome. Whatever sings to you is perfect, gorgeous woman! I’m just sharing this for any goddess who might be wanting extra help.}

Ring Sling

With all the fancy expensive slings we have, this is now actually the one I use the most – and it is the most simple and the cheapest. I got ours on eBay and like ours particularly because it has padding along the edges to make it soft for Lil Mermaids legs, butt and head.

Pros of the ring sling: I tend to keep this one in reach the most because its the easiest to pop her in and out during the day. It’s also the easiest to take in the car with us and put her in it when we are at the shops. With the other slings there is a little bit more fiddling and adjusting to put it on. You can but these pretty cheaply on eBay, or if you are handy, make your own. Yahoo!

The cons of this sling: it can make your shoulder sore after a while. That’s why I like to have different slings to mix it up a bit for my back. Another con: This sling has only really worked for us now that she’s older. Also: I find it harder to bend down in the ring sling than with the Ergo.

Round-up: The ring sling is currently used the most. Simple, easy to transport, great once you’ve found a position that works for you both.

Also: I would really dinking love a rainbow ring sling. Rainbow ring sling company, please find me.

Ergo Baby carrier

(When Ostara was a baby button – using the infant insert with her.)

This is my second most used carrier, and holds a special place in my heart for being the first carrier Ostara fell asleep in and didn’t moan in.

Pros: Big thick padded straps. This is definitely one of the best ergonomically designed carriers for mum. Getting the infant insert means that your tiny baby will be way happier in there – it keeps their legs together instead of apart. This was key for us! Whenever I put Starry in the Ergo, she gets quiet… I don’t think she has been super disgruntled in there yet. Also, this carrier definitely gives me the most range of movement, and I can bend down it with no problems.

Cons: it’s the most expensive carrier I bought (I got mine with infant insert from eBay for $140). However, I do have friends who bought off eBay, used for a couple of years and resold on eBay for $8 less. Pretty rocking on the price staying power! Also, it takes up a bit more room when transporting, and takes a little longer to put on.

Round-up: I would really recommend this carrier. Feels good for baby, feels good on you. Pricey but worth it.

Post Script: I wrote this post a couple of months ago. The Ergo is now the one I use the most by a country mile. As she’s gotten stronger and heavier, the padded shoulder straps have been so much better on my back than the ring sling.

Wrap around sling

These babies are pretty much one long stretchy bit of fabric that you wrap around you like human origami and hold babe to you.

Cons: I’ve only managed to get her asleep in there once without her moaning and grumbling. (See photo) Also, it is dinging annoying wrapping it around you in a carpark, with the long ends dropping all over the ground and getting dirty.

I tried using it in supermarkets when she was little (like five weeks old), but it never felt supportive enough for her – I didn’t feel like she could sit in there properly when she still had so little control of her head or back. We just didn’t get the hang of it. Chris has now commandeered this one to use from time to time – he just has it tied in two loops around his shoulder and uses it like a ring sling without the ring.

So there you go, my darlingheart.

I just wanted to reassure you if you’ve been having a hard time finding the sling that works for you & babe.

I want you to know you are a good mama, no matter if this sling thing works out or not.

It will get easier.

You will find what works for you, and your babe.

Trust your intuition.

And chant over and over and over:

I am a wonderful mama.

Because you totally & utterly are.

Big love,