Hola gorgeous Goddesses!!!

There’s *four* of my gorgeous goddess e-courses starting on July 31… so I’ll be showcasing them in a Goddess Menu of Delights, so that you’ll know if any of them are singing your name. (And of course there’ll be the normal Goddess blog posts too!)

Today’s menu selection?

The Become a Business Goddess e-course!!!

It’s my newest & biggest e-course.

Over the last three years I’ve turned a much-loved & totally unprofitable hobby & passion into a beautiful booming 6 figure business. It’s now my family’s only income & it’s allowed us to quit our public service jobs, move to tropical paradise & be stay-at-home parents together to our daughter Ostara.

A complete guide–over 190 pages!!–for how to make money online, the blueprint of how I did it, 100+ ways to market magically, mindfully & joyously, and how to sane & joyful when business gets BUSY! And bonuses too: profiles of business gods & goddesses, becoming a business goddess workbook, & the Magic Money Maker kit!

In this e-course, you’ll learn

  • how to be a Marketing Goddess of Epic Proportions
  • allllllll ze ways you can make money online creatively & joyfully
  • how to grow your business ginormously quickly
  • how to jet-propel everything you do to make your business glow
  • how to make your income goals kinda by magic
  • & how to stay sane & happy while you’re doing it (i.e. not burnt out & all crazy-like)

I designed it to help every business goddess wherever they are – whether you are just starting out, or whether you’ve just made your first million.

I’ve poured everything I know into this e-course. I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to – & I’ve found out what works super successfully so you can just get to getting big quickly.

And most of all – you’ll get to earn oceanloads of moolah doing your soul’s dream.

Some amazing testimonials:

“This is by far the best book I’ve read on creative business –

it’s so full of love and acceptance and fire.”


“This e-course is a veritable encyclopedia of creative business guidance.”


It’s the best e-course on business I’ve done.

Every page is an ah-ha! moment.

It’s the most expensive e-product I’ve ever purchased, but I’m so glad I bought it!

If I implement even half of what you have shared, I’ll double my income.”


“This e-course should carry a health warning:

so exciting you’ll forget to breathe!”

A Business Goddess Tribe

And the joy of doing it with a group of goddesses? You’ll be forming your own tribe & working through the e-course together & brainstorming your way to mega-brilliance.


How much?

It’s $79 to grab the e-course on its own & work through it by yourself.

But for $99, you’ll get access to the Goddess Circle (an incredible, creative, spirited, loving sanctuary of 1100+ goddesses) AND your own Business Goddess Circle AND ALLLLL my other e-courses, meditations & workbooks.

Everything a goddess needs to live their amazing life, day by day.

Ready to say YES?

Australian & NZ buyers can purchase in $AU here.

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Need to pay in part payments?

A number of goddesses also shared that they felt a real soul-calling to be in Circle… to share & dance & be with other goddess sisters & do my e-courses… but they weren’t able to afford the $99 membership all at once. So for the next little while I’m going to accept part*y payments (aka part payments)… where you can pay $33 a month for three months to get access.

All you need to do is click the button below, and wa-la! Goddess Circle with a gentle payment plan!

(Please note that when you do ze payment plan option, we need to process your membership manually. You’ll get an email invitation to the Circle within 24 hours of payment.)


All you need do is email me dearheart.
I can’t WAIT to create mega magic & miracles with you.
I utterly believe in you…
All my love & sunlit afternoons on the verandah making art & daisy crowns with baybee,