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Free DVD: Leonie Interviewed On Creativity, Money & Death

I shared a wee while ago that I was speaking at a Canberra Wise Women Creativity event alongside a Vogue photographer and a prolific musician.

It ended up being a deep dive into talking about:

  • money
  • death
  • angels
  • soul purpose
  • philanthropy
  • creativity
  • getting your head out of your own ass (the most important thing of all! Ha!).

I’m delighted to share it with you now as a special gift!

Get yourself a cup of tea… come sit down & join me!

9July A prescription for healing burnout

A Prescription For Healing Burnout

I honestly had no bloody idea just how much my sharing about burnout would resonate.

I thought the pebble would fall into the lake with nary a ripple or acknowledgment.

Instead, I got a tsunami of:

Yes, me too.

Sometimes I think it’s just me.

And then I write and share about it… because that’s what I have to do… it’s in my DNA and it’s how I’ve always lived my life and was first writing poems like this.


Canberra Photographer

Election Thoughts

My thoughts on last month’s Australian election…

8 Ways To Survive School Holidays As A Mum Business Owner

How are we all coping with school holidays around these parts?

I thought I’d have a quick share with you about what we are doing to limit the crazies around here as we manage the shuffle of parenting and running a business.

We don’t currently have a nanny or babysitter, so we’re juggling it between the two of us.

Here’s how I handle time off with the kids!


6 school in ghana
This Might Not Look Like Anything Special…

This might not look like a special photo – but it is. It’s the six room school built in Ghana, West Africa that me and a few friends chipped in to pay for with Pencils of Promise. Now those beautiful children have a safe, dry, cool, protected place to learn in… because education is everything.

It’s because of your workbook purchases and Academy memberships that we can do magical things like this. So thank you… thank you for choosing a company that is committed to changing the world.

Leonie’s Scrapbook: Beaaaaaaaaaaaach

We’re back in action with my regular scrapbook of sorts/walk down memory lane.

Between a US team retreat in Arizona, a management retreat held in Canberra, new staff starting, and a much needed beach holiday with my hunk of a husband and our gorgeous womb fruits, there’s been lots happening!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve just wrapped up our big, wild, cwazy 7-day presale. We will be opening up the cart again in November! Make sure you’re on the mailing list here to be notified when we launch again!

Tune in here.

Have a beautiful day, dearests!

Big love,
Canberra Photographer


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