G’day gorgeous souls,

We’ve just had a quieter month on the blog… there’s been lots happening behind the scenes – a US team retreat in Arizona, a management team retreat here in Canberra, two new staff started plus another one starting Monday… and another one in the hiring rounds as we speak!

Not to mention… we’ve just got 2017 workbook collection off to print, and are preparing for our big wild 7 day crazy preorder sale (if you want to find out about this and save a whopping 60% off books and get FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING – jump on our list here.)…

Probably a reason it’s a bit quieter in blog land as so much else happens!

Here’s the best of the blog for Joyful June!

Wellpreneur_ Webinar_Recording_Promo

FREE TRAINING: Marketing For Wellpreneurs!

This is perfect for you if you deliver any face-to-face health services including:

  • acupuncture
  • yoga or pilates instructor
  • health coach
  • massage therapist
  • naturopath
  • intuitive healer/kinesiologist.

In this fabulous training, you will learn:

  • The Big 35 Marketing DON’TS you’re probably doing right now that you need to STOP ASAP because they are damaging your business and income!
  • The Mindset Mistakes that wellpreneurs, creatives & earth angels need to heal in order to fulfill their soul’s purpose.
  • Easy, simple, fast ways to turn your cash flow around.

and… the checklist you want to make sure you’re doing the exact opposite of!

  • The Ultimate Failure Checklist: Exactly What You Need To Do If You Want Your Wellness Business To Make You Broke & Burnt Out!

Click here to grab the free training now!

Dear Lost Creativity

A deep sharing on where I’m at right now…

This has gone on to become my most popular posts of all time.

On creative ruts and empty wells…

Read more here.


New Course Release: Smart Time Management

A short, sharp, brilliant workshop that is bloody grounded and wise and brilliant and will teach you how to get more hours in your day!

Our brilliant guest teacher, Kate Christie is a time management expert, entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling author of “Me Time.”

In this short, powerful workshop, Kate will teach you:

  • time management – the smart way!
  • how to get more done without driving yourself absolutely nutty
  • how to onboard your family so you’re not their damn slave
  • when to outsource, when to in-source and what to quit doing altogether!
  • how to magically find 30 extra guilt-free hours a month!!!!

You’ll receive audio inspiration, slide handouts to take notes with and Leonie’s hand illustrated notes for you to print, treasure and turn into posters!

Take action today!

Leonie’s Scrapbook: #TeamUnicornRetreat + Cronut-gasms

We’re back in action with my semi-regular scrapbook of sorts. Between dealing with some burnout, our US team retreat and orgasmic cronuts, I invite you to join me on this nostalgic journey of the past couple of weeks!

Passing you a cup of chai tea + a caramel cronut for your enjoyment…



I Need Your Testis

Less than a month to go before we open for our ridiculous workbook presale… and we need new goddess’ success stories to share!

If you have used the workbooks to see any good change in your life and business, we need to hear about it!

Just share here with your testimonial… would love to feature you on our website which will be seen by a quarter of a million peeps this month!!!!!

Canberra Wise Women fo June 2016  I  Leonie Dawson

Election Thoughts

Well… that would have to be one of the weirdest elections ever.

Australia just had its vote…. and we still don’t know who won. We won’t know for sure for a few more days at least.

What we do know is this…

Okay treasures! Here’s to a Juicy July!

With love, gratitude and light,




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