Hola possums,

Last year at the Ausmumpreneur conference and awards, I heard the incredible Kate Christie speak on time management. Now, usually, when I hear “time management” I want to roll my eyes so far back into my head I look like I’m possessed… but Kate actually talks about time management in a way that is non-stabby… and I learned SO MUCH from her in that hour. I took SO MANY notes and actually IMPLEMENTED THEM!

She is one bloody wise cookie… she’s real and grounded and she’s a mum and she doesn’t tell you the way to get more out of your day is to wake up at 5am. I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL CUT A BITCH IF I HAVE TO DO THAT SHIT.

Anyways, I met her afterwards… I’d set up camp outside the toilet door with some other gorgeous souls I’d met in the toilet (DUNNY BUDDIES!!!!) and we were doing some impromptu business brainstorming on scavenged pens on backs of paper. I’m sure I was graceful and composed as always… I’m pretty sure I screeched “OMG YOU ARE AMAZING AND HOLY FUCK I LOVE YOUR DRESS!”

She was wearing this ridiculously adorable green geometric number. She proceeded to tell me hilarious stories of how she bought it in New York in a summer that was so hot she was sweating out her tits. Now, I cannot say whether I’m paraphrasing here or not, it is likely I am, I’m fairly sure she just said she was sweating, and I immediately thought “UGH I HATE BEING SWEATY AND HAVING A WET SOGGY BRA ON AND UGH SWEATY BOOBS IN SUMMER”, but now and forever more, it is in my head that Kate Christie told me soggy boob stories.

The End.

Oh shit, wait, I have to tell you something.

SO ANYWAYS… I got so much out of learning from her that I asked her to be a teacher for my Shining Biz & Life Academy members so they too could learn about sweaty New York tits I mean time management.

So it’s here! A short, sharp, brilliant workshop that is bloody grounded and wise and brilliant and will teach you how to get more hours in your day!

Our brilliant guest teacher, Kate Christie is a time management expert, entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling author of “Me Time.”

In this short, powerful workshop, Kate will teach you:

  • time management – the smart way!
  • how to get more done without driving yourself absolutely nutty
  • how to onboard your family so you’re not their damn slave
  • when to outsource, when to in-source and what to quit doing altogether!
  • how to magically find 30 extra guilt-free hours a month!!!!

You’ll receive audio inspiration, slide handouts to take notes with and Leonie’s hand illustrated notes for you to print, treasure and turn into posters!

How much for all this magical goodness?

Nada. I’m giving it away to my treasured inner circle.

It is… absolutely FREE for all our Shining Biz & Life Academy members… just adding to the irresistable cornucopia of support, guidance, inspiration & resources there in the form of 100+ courses!!!!!

Watch it… NOW!!! to start saving time & getting more productive!

If you’re a Shining Biz & Life Academy member already, tune in here!

Not a member of the Shining Academy yet? Gain access to 100+ courses now!


Big love & sweaty boobs,




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