Hola pretty petals,

I shared some goooooooood stuff last month. I think. I’m pretty sure. Maybe. You decide!

Anywaysies… incase you missed any of my hot blosts (aka blog posts)… here’s our radiant roundup!


33 Lessons I’ve Learned Before Turning 33

I recently turned 33 and I wanted to write a post about the 33 lessons I’ve learned thus far. But you know what? That sounds awfully fucking trite.

I’m pretty sure the universe didn’t send me 33 mind blowing, perfectly formed lessons just so I can write a listicle with perfectly forming numbers.

So instead I just wrote.

Read on for more!


Luscious Links: The Political One

We’re back with my irregular “good shit I found around the web” round-up – the political edition.

Grab a cuppa + enjoy!


Hyperemesis Gravidarum: A Letter To Midwives [And Doctors. And Caregivers.]

I was asked to write an article for Australian Midwifery News journal on hyperemesis gravidarum.

It’s a letter for midwives (and doctors and caregivers) to help them understand what HG is like for the person who is inside it.

If you know of anyone who might benefit from this article, please do share it along. Thank you for listening. Thank you for caring.

Learn more here.

1 Leonie's Scrapbook

Leonie’s Scrapbook: Kiddliwinks, A Photoshoot And Workbooks!

And…back with my usual scrapbook of photos + ramblings as of late.

Check it out here!

goddess shaped hole

The God-Shaped Hole Inside Me

There’s a god-shaped hole inside me.

It’s always been there I think.

I was three when I first saw it. I lay in the dirt and knew I would never ever ever be enough.

That there would be a hole inside me a gaping void yawning with its sadness.

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They Are Here 1

They Are Here…

They’re here, they’re here! Okay, so maybe you’ve already heard but my 2016 product collection is finally here!

We have already SOLD OUT of To Do List pads just from sending one email to our mailing list – so make sure you get your orders in now for the life + biz goals workbooks and 2016 diary/planner so you don’t miss out on them either.

Get more details here!


You Can’t Do It All At Once [A Guest Post By Grant]

Another guest post from Grant Andrew, our Chief Operations Officer.

I always get the grins when I see a new draft blog post of his has pinged into my inbox. I love the messages that come through him. And it’s such a delight to creatively collaborate with him + illustrate his words.

Read his wisdom here.


Life, Soul, Art + Biz Podcast: The Mermaid Hair Edition

It had been a little while, so I had a good old catch up in this one and shared:

  • my rainbow mermaid hair
  • what I’ve been up to
  • all the inside goss on how I self-published + managed my business this year
  • my insights on my birthday-eve!

Tune in here!


prayer for peace

A Prayer For World Peace That Can Only Start With Me

May it begin with me.

May I let grace and peace permeate my bones.

May I become a better mother.

May I continue healing my shit.

May I help as much as I can.

May I give as much as I can.

May I continue being a good student of this world.

May I keep my heart open.

May I speak my truth kindly, lovingly, vulnerably.

May I listen more and understand others more.

I pray for Paris and I pray for peace and I pray for this aching world.

And I pray for the actions of peace resounding around the globe to begin right here in my own heart.

May I be an instrument of love and peace.

Great Spirit, use me.


How I Wrote + Illustrated + Self-Published 3 Books + Created 2 Products In Less Than A Year

In this post, I take you behind the scenes and share with you how I created the 2016 Create Your Shining Year in Life + Biz goals workbooks, diary/planner, wall planner + to do list pad.

This is a long post, where I show you exactly what it’s taken to create this product range. You might find it useful if you own a business, are interested in self-publishing, or in what it takes to build + launch a product.

Jump in here!


Dear Mr. Mean Man On The Internet, Thank You But No Thank You

If you’ve followed me at all on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed my very, very, very special gift. The gift of a very stretchy face that can transform into a piece of putty. It’s fucking hilarious.

Not everyone finds it funny though….

Especially not this bloke…


The Aspie Goddess

On realizing I’ve got Asperger’s…AND why it’s perfectly bloody wonderful by me.

Read more!


Come Join The Magical 2016 Workbookers Facebook Group

Consider this your official invitation to join our magical, wondrous, inspiring + fun Facebook group just for the 2016 workbookers!


  • totally free to join
  • a lovely, inspiring community who work through the workbooks together
  • a place to meet and mastermind with other gorgeous workbook women in your local area
  • over 6000 members from around the world!

Please do join us + invite your workbooker friends too! The more the merrier!

See you in there!


Inside The 2016 Planner Collection!

It’s been a wild rush around here – I haven’t even had a chance to properly introduce you to my full 2016 planner collection!

It’s been a wild rush of getting them into the world + dealing with the thousands of emails with my 5 staff in customer happiness mode!

There’s been so many questions about them too, so I thought I’d share some videos + photos + words to help you work out if they are the right choice for you!

Get all the details here!

Phew! No wonder I feel a bit knackered! That’s a LOT right there to dive into!

Hope you find some delicious morsels to inspire, guide, help you on your sacred path…

May your day be big, blessed + bright,



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